3ABN Radio

3ABN Radio - 95.1 FM Kimberling City

  • Genre: christian
  • City: Kimberling City
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Call sign:KCXM-LP
  • Frequency: 95.1 FM
  • Language: English
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3ABN radio is a radio station broadcasting out of Kimberling City, US and located on 95.1 FM radio frequencies. It is also available online for people who cannot tune in to the radio station. 3ABN radio delivers content from many genres which include both religious and secular programs in real time. The radio station speaks English, Spanish and French to meet the needs of a larger audience base. From their website, listeners have the option of subscribing to the radio's podcast feed, where they are able to catch up on past episodes they may have missed. For those in Kimberling City or its surrounding areas, 3ABN radio provides them with an exciting radio alternative for their daily entertainment or educational needs.



Address 3391 Charley Good Rd West Frankfort, IL, US 62896
Phone +1 618-627-4651
Email Comments@3ABNRadio.org
Website https://3abn.org/
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Frequencies - 3ABN Radio

Frequency City Call sign
105.9 FM Pueblo KTPJ-LP
West Frankfort
88.3 FM Eureka KEUR-LP
101.5 FM Lodi KSTG-LP
96.9 FM Altoona WJLM-LP
106.7 FM Roseburg KLLF-LP
100.1 FM Anniston WRHP
88.1 FM Bessemer WSJL
97.1 FM Phenix City WURY-LP
90.3 FM Delta Junction KIAO
93.3 FM Dobbins KIIW-LP
103.5 FM Lone Pine KLPC-LP
92.5 FM Needles KCAN-LP
106.5 FM Stockton KELR-LP
107.5 FM Olathe KSYF
101.7 FM Cape Coral WLLJ-LP
104.1 FM Gainesville WGVC-LP
100.1 FM Live Oak WILA
100.7 FM Port St. Lucie WEHR-LP
94.5 FM Morganton WAQA-LP
103.9 FM Tifton WSWD-LP
104.7 FM Valdosta WSWL-LP
96.9 FM Haleiwa KQNS-LP
97.3 FM Kamiah KMEI-LP
97.7 FM Sandpoint KTAQ-LP
95.9 FM DuQuoin WDQN-FM
103.1 FM Vandalia WEMV-LP
102.9 FM Quincy WQIN-LP
1570 AM Auburn WGLL
107.5 FM Terre Haute WYLJ
107.9 FM Davenport KRQC-LP
89.9 FM Hawkeye KRJE
92.5 FM Muscatine KMAC-LP
106.3 FM Ottumwa KHIJ-LP
100.1 FM Hays KHZZ-LP
101.7 FM Wichita KIHB-LP
99.7 FM Lexington WXCN-LP
95.1 FM Williamsburg WNLW-LP
102.3 FM Dixfield WGYS-LP
100.7 FM Waterville WTNP-LP
91.9 FM Cadillac WGCP
93.5 FM Cedar Lake WGLN-LP
90.9 FM Escanaba WUPJ
93.3 FM Gobles WTPP-LP
89.7 FM Grand Rapids WNHG
90.7 FM Harrison WBHL
93.9 FM Mio WAVC
97.9 FM Newberry WIHC
1540 AM Okemos KTGG
91.9 FM Richland WMJC
107.3 FM West Branch WAWB-LP
88.7 FM Cambridge WUSG-LP
95.1 FM Dodge Center KCJL-LP
99.7 FM Moose Lake WMLA-LP
95.1 FM Jackson WFNH-LP
107.9 FM Fulton KRFL-LP
98.7 FM Jefferson City KOTC-LP
88.7 FM Moberly KSDQ
106.9 FM Poplar Bluff KYHO-LP
100.5 FM Billings KQLG-LP