WHUR-FM - 98.3 FM Reston

  • Genre: urban, classic
  • City: Reston
  • Bitrate:128 kbit/s
  • Call sign:W252DC
  • Frequency: 98.3 FM
  • Language: English
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WHUR-FM is a radio station situated in Reston, USA, that broadcasts on 98.3 FM. It stands for Howard University Radio and has become well-known for its classic soul and R&B music, as well as talk radio programs covering current social issues. WHUR-FM has won numerous awards over the years and strives to be the voice of the people within their broadcast range. Along with their radio signal they also provide an online channel so people around the world can stay up to date with breaking news and premieres of new songs and albums from popular artists.

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Address 529 Bryant Street NW Washington, DC 20059
Phone (202) 432-WHUR or (202) 432-9487
Email programming@whur.com
Website https://whur.com/
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Frequencies - WHUR-FM

Frequency City Call sign Rating
96.3 FM Washington WHUR-FM